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Mex/CA Cotton workers & cancer (tags)

Corporate cotton, rio agua theft, pesticide exposure and worker cancer, loss of indigenous culture in maquiladoras, Chiapas/Oaxaca impacts of NAFTA/WTO/PPP/etc..

Building Bridges Radio -NAFTA at 10 (tags)

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 27 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK

The Disappearing Women of Juarez (tags)

this is capitalism

Dan La Botz Teaches About Mexican Maquiladoras (tags)


Maquiladora Organizer (tags)

I know this is very white of me, but I didn't catch the name of this speaker either. I apologize, and please post her name if you know it. This is from the Tijuana rally, right at the border. A maquiladora organizer speaks on the underestimated strength of women in the struggle for justice.

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