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Post-9/11, this doesn't seem all that weird (tags)

And back in 2001, he and Slansky defended another unpopular man in another very murky case. The man was Delmart Edward Vreeland, an American locked up in the Don jail who was wanted in his own country for credit card fraud. What was unusual about Vreeland was his claim that the U.S. government had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

New World Disorder Magazine - Summer Edition Online (tags)

I perk up when I see weird, woozy efforts like this. I'll be dropping by every so often to see if they can still reach the keyboard. That white-on-black text has got me hallucinating already. Bruce Sterling, science-fiction author and futurist

unprecedented secret massacres (tags)

you know i just cannot get over how the secret massacre well it was told by a really weird right wing hawk that he was going to massacre people and the nongovernmental organizations with unprecendented secrecy and I am confident he is actually doing it its all to weird this is my last g8 protest this place is just to much to be able to endure

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