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50 years have passed since the Kerner & McCone Commissions (tags)

50 years have passed since the Kerner & McCone Commissions looked into the causes of the Watts Riots. What has changed? Our new research shows that economic disparities persist in South LA.

Why the Farmers Must Win (tags)

In its Saturday editorial, the Los Angeles Times reduced virtually all the civic concerns of the historically neglected South Central to “niceties” and condemned a swath of the district to being a “concrete-and-asphalt” wasteland,“ "a seemingly endless sweep” of “industrial warehouses, packing plants, and junkyards.” It proclaimed that developer Ralph Horowitz must triumph, and the South Central Farm must be razed. The Times was wrong.

Our Myopic Beeblebrox: Plausible Selective Memories (tags)

Pabst Blue Ribbon, ketchup, a Black Panther in Cuba, myopia, Pat Brown and Sci-Fi classics: an eclectic and selective obituary of Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America.

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