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Capital de mutation, capital de régénération (tags)

Tous contre tous, toutes contre toutes...

News from geral (tags)

For most people real news is a commodity in rare supply. I offer data that is disturbing but accurate and is intended for the benefit of all.

A Case Study of Israeli Murder (tags)


The Murderous Government of the United States of America (tags)

This is a report that should stir all human beings on earth to raise a fist in defiance of the inhumane tyranny of the USA.

Obama Doublespeak Duplicity (tags)


Manufacturing Crisis Irresponsibly (tags)


Iranian Nuclear Roulette Continues (tags)


Debunking Western Propaganda (tags)


Malicious Syria Bashing (tags)


Unindicted US War Criminals v. Iran (tags)


Maintaining Iran Sanctions (tags)


More on Inventing an Iranian Threat (tags)


Obama's Way: Waging Financial War on Humanity (tags)


Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival (tags)


Washington Opposes Peace (tags)


Is Western Condemnation of Cultural Destruction Reserved Exclusively for Enemies? (tags)

Djulfa’s destruction, like that of the Bamiyan Buddhas and Timbuktu shrines, merits widespread coverage, unwavering condemnation, and international liability, no matter who the perpetrator is.

Holder Defends Entrapment (tags)

entrapment is illegal

The Democrats' Trudeau? (tags)

"Love him or hate him, Obama is the most interesting American to enter politics for years."

War is now the only option (tags)

Otherwise it's jail time for Cheney and Bush

Corporate future In America. (tags)

Do we have a future of permanent war with all of our commonwealth fed into the grinder in order to swell the off and onshore bank accounts, trusts, etc of this useless uncaring blasé group of malicious, meddling criminals who pull Mr. Bush's strings and are train-wrecking this nation?

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