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Behar-Bechukotai: Jews living outside Eretz Yisrael? (tags)

Rights To The Land of Israel, In The Light of The Torah

Pinchas on Jewish Leadership: Do the Right Thing, No Matter What! (tags)

LGBT vs. Family Values, Leadership vs. Subjugation, Qualities of a True Jewish Leader.

Pekudei, Counting, and Israeli Election Polls (tags)

News About Israeli Election Polls And Counting In The Weekly Torah Reading

Jewish Self-Hatred Rears Its Ugly Head (tags)

Looks at the self-destructive tendency of the Jewish Left in America and Israel through the prism of the Israeli election campaign, and the weekly Torah reading.

Israeli Elections: Unite the Torah Nationalists Now! (tags)

Israeli Elections Are coming Up, The Right Needs To Unite!

Israeli Jews Say, It’s Our Jerusalem! (tags)

A review of some Israeli opinions about Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Vows Harsher Police State Viciousness on Palestinians (tags)


NYT Features Fanatical Zionist's Op-Ed (tags)


Raucous Swearing In of Israel's New Ruling Coalition (tags)


Netanyahu Wins (tags)


Academic Groups For and Against BDS (tags)


Israel Partners with Obama's War on Syria (tags)


Internal Israeli Wars (tags)


Israel: Racist Pariah State Writ Large (tags)


US and Israeli Seasons's Greetings: Part II (tags)


Kerry's Shuttle Diplomacy Excludes Peace in Our Time (tags)


Calls to Annex West Bank Settlements (tags)


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