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Covert wars in the shadow of international law (tags)

In the years between the end of the Cold War in 1991 and 2022, the United States has carried out at least 251 military interventions in almost every country on earth. Going back to 1789, there were a total of 469. In all of these interventions, the United States formally declared war 11 times.

The historic push of East Central Europe into Nato (tags)

What is the end of the war song? It is and was destruction, death, human suffering and traumatized populations. And in our time, in addition, it is the suspension of the necessary global and joint efforts of all nations in the fight against the threat of climate catastrophe.

Europe's Conquest by the US (tags)

The US and NATO have troops at the Russian border. Russia has no troops at the US borders with Canada and Mexico. Who staged the 2014 coup in the Ukraine? Who promised Gorbatchev there would be no NATO expansion to the East? Who is the stabilizer and who is the destabilizer?

Ceasefire in Donbass? (tags)


Washington's Ukraine Agenda Risks WW III (tags)


Targeting Russia Escalates (tags)


Kiev Plans Full-Scale War (tags)


Ukrainian-Style Democracy (tags)


Big Lies Risk Confrontation with Russia (tags)


War on Fundamental Rights in Ukraine (tags)


Fake Donetsk Letter Circulating (tags)


Big Lies Drown Out Truth (tags)


NYT Editors Wage War on Truth (tags)


US-Stoked Violence Rocks Ukraine (tags)


Washington's Dirty Game (tags)


Fabricating Lies To Wage War On Iran (tags)

Turning Iran into a reliable pro-Western puppet state is a long-sought US goal. All options are considered, including war.

War of Words on Iran (tags)


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