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Daily Israeli War Crimes in Palestine (tags)


Israel Wants Walls, not Peace (tags)


Whitewashing Israeli Murder by Torture (tags)


Netanyahu: Unfit to Serve (tags)


World Social Forum Free Palestine (tags)


Action alert: STW office raided by Israeli military (tags)

At 1.30am this morning ten armoured jeeps of the Israeli occupation forces and intelligence surrounded and raided the offices of Stop the Wall in Ramallah. Israeli military stole 2 laptops, 3 hard drives and 10 memory cards containing files and photos as well as archive material relating to the work that the organisation does in opposition to Israel's apartheid wall and the attack on Palestinian human rights that the wall and the settlement represent. This is a renewed attack upon Palestinian civil society and their struggle against the physical and psychological oppression, land confiscation and ethnic cleansing policies of the Israel.

Israeli Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid: Crimes Against Humanity (tags)


Israel's Jerusalem Master Plan 2020 (tags)

Israel plans to Judaize Jerusalem

Arresting Peaceful Protesters in Occupied Palestine (tags)

Israeli oppression continues

“The wall is totally blocking the creation of a Palestinian state” (tags)

Last July 9th the Hague-based International Court of Justice ruled that Israel's separation barrier is illegal by standards of international law, and recommended its demolition. Israeli government answered through its Justice Minister, Yosef Lapid, who declared that The Hague court is integrated by European judges that don’t like his country and that they will only obey the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court, that recently order a change on the path of the “security fence” as a humanitarian measure.

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