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Workers of Los Angeles Unite (Photos from 3/26/11) (tags)

Workers took to the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday, March 26 to protest the ongoing assault on the working class and to express solidarity with protesters in Wisconsin. They marched from the Convention Center to Pershing Square where a rally took place.

For a Proletarian and Communist May 1st! (tags)

Workers! The general conditions of life and work have been deteriorating for years, becoming ever more intolerable.

Germany: The Calm Before the Storm (tags)

"The Left must become a catalyst of resistance to the crisis in order to gain strength. Impoverishment does not make anyone enlightened. Despair and anger do not necessarily lead to progressivism. People may be just as likely to give up...."

Workers Action Says: DEFEND IRAQ! DEFEAT IMPERIALISM! (tags)

Workers Action Says: No to Layoffs at Home, Bombs and Sanctions Abroad! Not A Penny, Not A Person To The Military! DEFEND IRAQ! DEFEAT IMPERIALISM! Two Years of Bush: Two Wars and Two Coup Attempts! Is the U.S. Planning Permanent War?

Pic #1 May 18th Garment Workers Protest FOREVER XXI (tags)

Location: West Hollywood CA Information: Comment: Workers carry signs calling for the boycott of Forever XXI and an end to sweatshop factories. Workers demand back wages and a better work envronment. Beverly Center security records the event.

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