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make love

Alma’s courage: Colombian journalist risks everything to tell the truth (tags)

“Death threats are not new for us. It is a way of life here. Every family in Colombia has come to terms with violence. Everyone in Colombia knows of a relative who has been tortured, disappeared, or killed – treated in the most grotesque ways.”

globalisation means war (tags)

The global Swiss banking syndicate that is backing the war effort

Make Love, Not War (tags)

Make Love, Not War

George Bush And Osama bin Laden: Make Love, Not War (tags)

Make Love, Not War

Marchers Across Europe Protest Against Possible Strikes (tags)

A girl holding a leaflet joins some 4,000 peace supporters in an anti-war vigil across the street from British Prime Minister Tony Blair's London residence on September 22, 2001. The U.S. is asembling a massive military force in the Gulf and Indian Ocean for a possible on Afghanistan. REUTERS/Chris Helgren

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