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FDA Plot to Ban Major Cures - and more... (tags)

If wherever you live is pushing this covid crap, those individuals doing the pushing do not give a damn about you. Nor do those who are allowing that push to happen.

KPFK & PAPCIFICA forum in LA (tags)

June 12 - 15 2015 - Fri-Sat-Sun, here in LA are 3 full days of meetings by Pacifica PNB & KPFK's LSB...with brief public-comment times barely included. See website for agenda.

a refutation of cop logic (tags)

We've heard it all before and we're not listening.

MAD AS HELL (tags)

As the ignorant sniveling sycophants of the Bush Junta continuing shoving the heads ever further up their ass more people are beginning to question the wisdom of that policy.

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