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Drawing Attention to Dolphin Slaughter, Japan, and the 2020 Olympics (tags)

Demonstrations occurred in 46 cities around the world. The message to the International Olympic Committee: don't award the 2020 Olympics to Japan. The cruel dolphin drives in Taiji serve Japan's meat industry and provide slave entertainment to marine parks worldwide. .......... The Japanese people are not the target--many of them are protesting this problem, too.

Lee Siu Hin Journey to My Home: China and Hong Kong 2008 (Part One) (tags)

Journey to My Home: China and Hong Kong 2008 A Long Waited Trip to My Heartland

Steroids, Racism and Statistics (tags)

The present day fuss over steroid use in major league baseball is reaching pandemic proportions.

globalisation means war (tags)

The global Swiss banking syndicate that is backing the war effort

US to lobby for aerial bombing as new Olympic event (tags)

In a surprise move, the US Olympic Committee will lobby to add aerial bombing as a new Olympic team event.

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