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DE GRUY & ASSOCIATES LAUNCHES THE PATIENT ADVOCACY EXCHANGE (September 24, 2012) ->> Statistics show that 9 out of 10 hospital/medical bills are incorrect in excess on the average of $1,300, patients are in some cases paying more than their share. And meanwhile, patients are falling out of their beds and battling bedsores or physical abuse or records are not always accurate and traceable. At home, some find it difficult to keep up with their treatments, take their medication properly, and lose track of doctor’s appointments. And patients in nursing homes aren’t being monitored by their families.

Nurses Vs. Tenet Healthcare (tags)

7/24/03 Business Week reported: Neither the blazing sun nor the rush-hour traffic could deter the angry knot of nurses who gathered on July 23 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, site of Tenet Healthcare's (THC ) annual shareholder meeting. The nurses -- some wearing black bandanas across their mouths -- were protesting Tenet's efforts to prevent the California Nurses Assn. from unionizing some of its hospitals. "We're California nurses!" they chanted. "Mighty, mighty nurses! We will not be silenced!"

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