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Paraphysique de la désespérance (tags)

Toute une supercherie spectacularisée...

Paraphysique de la désespérance (tags)

Désespoir de l'espoir, l'espoir du désespoir...

Similarities between U.S. "fiscal cliff" and poverty that led to French Revolution (tags)

The so called fiscal cliff games between establishment Republicans and Democrats is in reality a bipartisan operation against the people of the U.S. for the benefit of the corporatist class in the status quo. Many similarities between the financial elites and those with political clout marginalizing the poor both in modern U.S. and in France prior to the French Revolution;

The End of the Bush Dynasty (tags)

How George Bush hastened the demise of the Bush family political dynasty.

Bilderberg Black Out (tags)

To witness the annual Bilderberg conference is to realize how the “Lords of the New World Order”—the self-chosen elite of international finance, business, and politics—are allowed to assemble in secret and conspire with the connivance of the mainstream media.

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