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Antonio Villaraigosa and Fabian Núñez at Back to the Park on Thursday??? (tags)

Read Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Speaker Fabian Núñez and radio host El Piolin are billed as participants in a Thursday procession and candlelight vigil for immigration reform at MacArthur Park. If this true..count me out!

A Strange March Up Broadway (tags)

The Minutemen marched through the heart of the downtown Los Angeles shopping district and the heart of a vital, bustling immigrant community on Saturday.

Report from April 10th march (tags)

Thousands fill Placita Olvera to demand amnesty, rights, and justice for immigrants.

The Ghost of George Wallace: Immigration and White Racism (tags)

They were on the verge of a walled off country, a police state whose target would be Brown people. Then, on Saturday, their dominace cracked.

La Gran Marcha: Photos and Commentary (tags)

La Gran Marcha: Actitud (tags)

I looked for shots with attitude, or that showed something basic about la cultura. Here's a few I found.

La Gran Marcha: The Sleeping Giant Awakes (tags)

On March 25, immigrants and their supporters shook the halls of Congress, and, just maybe, changed history.

1 1/2 MILLION March in LA en La Gran Marcha (tags)

Police Claim only 500,000

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