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Give Nazi Schwarzenegger a General Strike (tags)

The ubermensch (male chauvinist) Gov. Schwarzenegger refers to his labor opponents as "girlie men," demonstrating that Schwarzenegger is just another stinking anti-women, anti-gay fascist who deserves a general strike.

Anti-Commuinst Democrats Illegally Challenge Socialist Candidate Petitions (tags)

The outrage of the fascist tactics of the stinking, rotten Democratic Party in keeping socialist, Greeen and the Nader-Camejo ticket off ballots has now reached Illinois, proving again that the only reason the Democratic Party exists is to keep the Reds and Greens out of office so as to perpetuate capitalism and the exploitation of the workingclass.


This one is simply the best post I've ever read on one of these boards. Enjoy!

Stinking filthy lying Zionists garbage pollute the earth (tags)

Stinking Israeli garbage smells like rotting flesh as they feast on the Palestinian lands

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