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Chaos.Thbe New Age of Revolutions (tags)

The End of the Megamachine brings to light the roots of the destructive forces threatening the future of humankind today. Dismantling Western progress mythologies, Scheidler shows how the logics of endless capital accumulation have devastated both human societies & ecosystems

Turkey's Downing of a Russian Fighter Jet Moves the Doomsday Clock Very Close to Midnight (tags)

To NOT Have the World "Go Into the Dark" (Per LBJ's Daisy Commercial Warning) the Mainstream Media & Administration Should Discard President Obama's "Look Forward Not Back" Iraq War Policy & Investigate & Report On Its Real Origins, Goals & Relationship to the Present Crisis -- the Solution to Which Is U.S.-Russian Partnership.

Thousands Demand Netanyahu's Arrest for War Crimes (tags)


A Description of Life Ending Nuclear War (tags)


The Unthinkable: Possible Nuclear War with Russia (tags)


Lavrov in New York (tags)


The Illusion of Peace in Ukraine (tags)


Obama Plans More Middle East Wars (tags)


Reinventing the Evil Empire (tags)

The risk of serious confrontation looms.

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