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"Proof of chemical attack": Same old lies ahead of the presidential election in Syria (tags)

In a desperate attempt to sabotage the upcoming presidential election in Syria, the mass media constantly reiterate the same old lies about “chemical weapon attacks”. They must be held to account for their major role in the three-year long NATO-led genocidal war on Syria.

Netanyahu Exceeds Sharonian Evil (tags)


Syria: Upping the Stakes (tags)


America's Addiction: Waging War on Humanity (tags)


Haaretz on Obama's Reelection (tags)


Syria on the Boil (tags)


Washington and Israel Threaten Humanity (tags)


Nuclear Chess (tags)


Obama Plans More Middle East Wars (tags)


Promoting War, Spurning Peace (tags)


Israel Plans Major Gaza War (tags)


Palestinian Liberation Requires Unity (tags)


Iran: WMDs Redux (tags)


Allegedly Foiling Jerusalem Terrorist Attacks (tags)

state terror

Naksa Day Commemorates Decades of Israeli State Terror (tags)

state terrorism

Netanyahu's War on Gaza (tags)

state terrorism

Revolutionary Middle East Change (tags)

sweeping change

Spoiling for a Fight? (tags)

promoting war

A Bribe too Good to Refuse (tags)

Obama offering weapons for peace

OCHA's Special Focus on Occupied Palestine (tags)

horrific Gaza conditions under siege

Israeli Persecution of Human Rights Activists (tags)

Silencing dissent

Incriminating Evidence of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza (tags)

Israeli war crimes

Al Nakba Redux (tags)

The liberation struggle continues.

Israel's Wanton Aggression On Gaza (tags)

Israel's crimes of war and against humanity

Israel Calls for US Blockade of Iran (tags)

The antiwar voices that brought Pelosi to power need to pay very close attention to this.

Israeli Disengagement Plans Include The Use Of Deady Force Against Protestors (tags)

In the event of violence on the part of anti-disengagement protestors during the planned Gaza pullout of Israeli settlers, an Israeli team of high-ranking military officers and academics has recommended the use of deadly force against them.

The Truth About Killing Palestinian Children (tags)

The vast differences in the news about murdered Palestinian schoolchildren With little or no responsibility from US mainstream medias to corroborate truth.

Budrus Update: 15 Wounded & Member of Sweden's Parliament Arrested (tags)

"The IDF imposed a curfew on the village and conducted house-to-house searches for the stone throwers"


The Gaza strip is a perfect realization of the Israeli vision of "separation". Surrounded with electric fences and army posts, completely sealed off the outside world, Gaza has become a huge prison. About one-third of its land was confiscated for the 7,000 Israeli settlers living there (and their defense array), while over a million Palestinians are crowded in the remaining areas of the prison. Now Israel is considering the imprisonment there of families of suicide bombers from the West Bank.


Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Peres is very worried about the expected international reaction as soon as the world learns the details of the tough battle in the Jenin refugee camps, where more than 100 Palestinians have already been killed in fighting with IDF forces. In private, Peres is referring to the battle as a "massacre."

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