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Israeli Lobby Targets Syria and Iran (tags)


The Syrian Revolution: Another Madness to Bring the Sharia Law (tags)

The so-called Syrian Revolution is being led by Wahhabist extremists against the rational secular government of Bashar al-Assad. The U.S. backed Wahhabists are seeking to overthrow the stable government of al-Assad to further escalate tensions between Iran and Israel. Once again U.S. foreign policy is in the same filthy gutter of deception where the GW Bush regime left off. Some change, eh?

Brookings: A Reliable Imperial Tool (tags)


Obama Plans More Middle East Wars (tags)


Promoting War on Iran (tags)


Conference of the Middle East Policy Institute (tags)

The conduct of the western allies promotes what they wanted to prevent: the formation of a defensive worldwide Islamic front against the West. The three holiest places of Islam are now occupied by Americans or Israelis.

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