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23 de septiembre--Día de acción (tags)

Se nos acerca una fecha bastante importante para la historia del radicalismo mexicano. En esta temporada siempre se conmemoran momentos históricos revolucionarios como el Grito de Dolores y el 2 de octubre. El primero se ha vuelto una fecha de borrachería y fanfarría nacionalista, mientras la segunda se conmemora solemnemente entre sectores de la izquierda.

En cambio, el 23 de octubre es una d?a no de ceremonia, sino de acción.

First Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair: A Beginning Marker of Resistence (tags)

Saturday, December 13, 2008 LOS ANGELES - The organizers of the first annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair sent out a call for "dreamers, fighters, organizers, and rebels to come, meet, strategize, learn from each other, get books, attend workshops, participate, and join the movement." And despite the state's efforts to squelch our efforts, come they did--more than 700 people, mostly from the greater Los Angeles area, although some came from as far as San Diego, the Bay Area, Oregon, New York, and even Canada, to participate in this herstory-making event.

Call for CIPO-RFM Tour - West Coast and South West (tags)

Proposed tour for the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca – Ricardo Flores Magón (CIPO-RFM)in the South West and West Coast (with proposed kick off event in Los Angeles). The CIPO-RFM is an autonomous organization of indigenous and non-indigenous people who ally themselves with the struggle for indigenous rights and social justice all over the world

Some interesting PLM/Wilson notes from around WWI (tags)

from "Anarchism & the Mexican Revolution: The Political Trials of Ricardo Flores Magon in the United States" by Colin M. MacLachlan

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