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The Myth of Turkish Secularism (tags)

If Turkey is ever to be secular, it must allow the free exercise of all religions – including Islam – and guarantee the rights of the faithful to be free from harassment and compulsion.

FBI Responsibility for US Terror Plots (tags)

false flags

Targeting Muslim Charities in America (tags)

the face of a police state

Stop Destroying the Mosques of Iraq (tags)

Worth reading.

20 killed in anti-U.S. Nigerian riots (tags)

Anti-U.S. Riots Rock Nigeria, 20 killed, hundreds injured. Nigerian Army issues "shoot on site" orders.

Protesters set NGOs offices ablaze (tags)

excerpt: "They said that Jehad against America and non-Muslims had been begun. They were ready to sacrifice their lives in way of Islam, JUI leaders vowed. They asked the people to inlist their names for Jehad with their respective Ulemas of mosques."

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