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Marketwatch bravely reposts $43 trillion racketeering lawsuit story after CNBC takes it down

The Republican Candidate (4 and 5) (tags)

If this is a subject of interest to you, in the United States today there are five Cuban prisoners, separated one from the other by thousands of miles. They have no area that can be sarcastically called the “Hanoi Hilton”. Their suffering and the injustice of which they are victims will be known the world over; don't doubt it for a minute

The Phony Social Security Crisis (tags)

Bush's Phony Social Security Crisis Gains National Attention!

Webs of Power - Part 2: The Federal Reserve (tags)

The Federal Reserve Bank of America is not a government entity. It is a private corporation with stock owned by shareholders. A majority of these shareholders are not American. The prior paragraph is common knowledge by economists and professors, and can easily be found with minimal research.

Enemy of the State (tags)

The time has come to learn the truth about how you have been insidiously enslaved to a greedy few scumbags.

Enemy of the State (tags)

Awake brother and let me tell you a story of how a great people became slaves to a few greedy weazels.

Big U.S. Fine for Mexican in Bank Case (tags)

One of the richest and most politically connected buinessmen in Mexico, will pay a $40 million fine to settle charges he violated banking laws when he bought Laredo National Bancshares in Texas, the Federal Reserve Board said today. The fine, one of the largest by the Fed, will be paid to the United States Treasury in installments: $10.75 million immediately and $29.25 million ......

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