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Como el Urundel (tags)

Vida y obra de Raúl Alberto Albarracín Libro de Julio Carreras © Fundación Raúl Alberto Albarracín San Miguel de Tucumán Argentina, 2014.

The Pacifica Radio Network and "local control" (tags)

SaveKPFA are the majority caucus on the elected KPFA Local Station Board (LSB). Their delegates to the Pacifica National Board (PNB) are also in the majority there. "Local control" has always been a main plank of their platform, but in February, the PNB cast a vote that seemed to institutionalize the exact opposite.

Longstanding US Cuba Policy: Regime Change (tags)


Surveyiing Utopia (tags)

Raul Zelik and Elmar Altvater discuss the nature of utopia, economics, how growth and work become fetishes, how what is rational in micro-economics can become irrational in macro-economics, time prosperity and how Marx recognized the contradictions in capitalism.


LAPD is awarding its highest honor- the Medal of Valor- to 10 SWAT troops who killed 18 month old baby Susie Pena in Watts.

Russian Patriarch receives Cuban President (tags)

MOSCOW, February 3.—The Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia received President Raúl Castro Ruz yesterday afternoon. The Kirill and the Cuban president spoke for a little over one hour in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral two days after the consecration of the Metropolitan (senior archbishop)...

Colombia: ¿Es todavía hora para la Paz? (tags)

Ayer como hoy, el Pentágono, la White House y sus lacayos descorchan botellas de champán, refocilándose ante su efímero triunfo. Celebran la victoria de la mentira, sus millones y sus armas, reafirmando en cada brindis su compromiso con la muerte

Cuba: Freedom, Dignity and Solidarity (tags)

Cuba: Freedom, Dignity and Solidarity

Cuba 2007: Speaking with the Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC) (tags)

* Interview by the Russian newspaper SITUATION from libertarian collective Autonomous Action regarding the current political picture in the island. A Spanish translation was published in El Libertario #50, Venezuela, 2007. For more info go to: -Cuban anarchist website- and

Tarde inolvidable entre Fidel, Raúl y Chávez (tags)

Como anunció el sábado, al lanzar su candidatura presidencial, Chávez vino a La Habana a festejar el cumpleaños 80 de su hermano Fidel. Raúl lo recibió en el aeropuerto y lo estrechó en el abrazo de un pueblo que le agradece al líder amigo su grandeza humana y actitud solidaria.

Elogia Raúl Castro recuperación en Cuba tras huracán (tags)

Elogia Raúl Castro recuperación en Cuba tras huracán

Murdering Enforcers Have No Right to Rule (tags)

Murdering Enforcers Have No Right to Rule Word from the RC4 On the LAPD Massacre of Raúl Peña and His 18-Month-Old Daughter Susie

Bush Media outtakes/commentary/reporting (tags)

Pretty good composite from numerous international print sources.... an example below....

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