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The Deadline Passes at Occupy LA (tags)

The police adhered to their statement that Solidarity Park would not be raided before sunrise. Although, they made their presence known via noisy helicopters overhead shinning lights down on us. (For some photographers, this extra light was helpful.)

US Higher Education in Crisis (tags)

class war

Israeli Violence Marks Nakba Day (tags)


Photos from the immigrants rights march (tags)

Families are being torn apart by the current system of detention and deportation.

Cats abandoned, need help (tags)

In the San Gabrial Mountains above Azusa, California, 11 or more domestic cats have been abandoned because their care givers have been evicted from the Camp Follows area, leaving a lot of cats behind to starve.

Orange County EF! Forest Activsts Need Your Help (tags)

Support Needed immediately! 16 Activists arrested Saturday night!

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