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DIARY OF A CON MAN . 24 (tags)

anne frankĀ“s diary amounts to commercial fraud

Why the Ukraine Crisis is the West's Fault (tags)

NATO's eastward expansion is at the heart of the Ukraine crisis. Sec of State Baker promised Gorbatchev that NATO would not expand eastward if the Berlin wall were allowed to fall. Can't the West understand Putin's security concerns if NATO extends to Russia's borders?

lisbon treaty voting fraude (tags)

The Lisbon treaty replaces the Irish constitution and is a replacement of the old European union. Now there are no more countries in Europe, only states. The only ones to vote were the Irish and the voting was rigged.

Populist #29 (tags)

On the Electoral College, continued

'Friends' of blacks (tags)

"Moreover, there was no Barbara Ehrenreich to defend me." Because you were lucky.


250 Los Angelenos gathered for Peace in Griffith Park.

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