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Conscientious Objector Status—Who Should Decide? (tags)

It is a fallacious and legalistic straw man ploy for any society or organization (such as the Department of Defense) to arrogate, as definition, that an individual must oppose “all” war on religious or ethical grounds to be considered a “conscientious objector”. Simply to be “conscientious” means to act from one’s “own” conscience—not from the collective hearsay of any particular group or on legalistic grounds of some corporate presumption. The individual conscience is the moral compass of conscientious authority.

Paro portuario en la Costa Oeste contra la guerra el 1° de mayo (tags)

En lo que representa un paso de gran importancia para el movimiento obrero norteamericano, el International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU – sindicato internacional de estibadores y almacenistas) ha anunciado que paralizará los puertos de la Costa Oeste de Estados Unidos el 1° de mayo para exigir el cese inmediato de la guerra y la ocupación en Irak y Afganistán, así como el retiro de las tropas norteamericanas de Medio Oriente. Ésta es la primera vez en décadas que un sindicato en Estados Unidos ha decidido emprender una acción industrial en contra de una guerra de EE.UU. La acción anunciada por el poderoso sindicato de trabajadores portuarios de la Costa Oeste, un paro de labores para parar la guerra, debe ser retomada por sindicatos y organizaciones de trabajadores de todo Estados Unidos y a escala internacional. El propósito de semejantes acciones no debe ser suplicar a los políticos burgueses –cuyas manos están llenas de sangre, por haber aprobado a lo largo de los últimos seis años y medio todo presupuesto de guerra– sino dar una muestra de la fuerza de los trabajadores, que hacen funcionar este país, ¡y que pueden también pararlo!

Be a Man, Take a Stand (tags)

Life thanks all honorable men who Bill on sight, the bushite God betrayers who bomb people in Iraq indiscriminately to please the neocon zionist enemies responsible personally for the crimes of 911. To save the lives of innocent families is the result of killing a 'lawless' bushite that has no care to defend America in war time.

The Corporate Bush Whores (tags)

The Corporate Bush whores, who lie to die our naive sons and daughters for stolen profits given to those personally who committed 911 must pay with public trials for their contempt of the value of our forsaken lives.

GLORY OF THE CORPS - A Real Man Speaks for Freedom (tags)

The more good than bad Alex Jones says George Norry, (who has Alex on once every six months or a year to say the NWO can't be stopped, never mentioning liquefied iron flowing like water from the towers, Ahmad, or that bush and Cheney are bad guys for officially closing criminal investigations [obstruction]) is heroic, I say, George Norry is an enemy to all Humans being.

FRONT PAGE - Anybody Out There? (tags)

the demon lying capital false accuser, who immediately closed outstanding criminal investigations on 911 while claiming to be a Christian, and all those who appose with independent thought, evil terrorists.

To Our Patriotic American Lovers of Justice and Freedom (tags)

Coast to Coast radio hosts are traitors who forbid the American Patriot to know: General Ahmad funded Atta, and that we have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

How US Wars are Sold (tags)

One of the oldest representative democracies of the world changed in the First World War into a controlled undemocratic form of state..Local stations eagerly accepted the free propaganda films.

Film: “Why we Fight” in Los Angeles (tags)

The film examines critically the issues of the US military industrial complex, American imperialism, and the US role in the international theatre.

Trading on fear (tags)

Trading on fear From the start, the invasion of Iraq was seen in the US as a marketing project. Selling 'Brand America' abroad was an abject failure; but at home, it worked. Manufacturers of 4x4s, oil prospectors, the nuclear power industry, politicians keen to roll back civil liberties - all seized the moment to capitalise on the war. PR analysts Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber explain how it worked.

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