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Transgeneros Unidas (tags)

El Jueves 20 de Noviembre del 2008, Transgeneros Unidas de Bienestar por primera vez en la historia de Los Angeles cordialmente tuvo un evento en Espanol, llamado Recordando a La Comunidad Transgénero,

Miss Bienestar 2007 (tags)

Every year Bienestar Human Services, inc. hosts a pageant to empower the Latina Transgender community.

LA Transgenders Remember Gwen, Other Tragedies & Triumps of 2002-2003 (tags)

As the October 3 one year anniversay of the brutal slaying of Bay Area Transgender teen Gwen Araujo is remembered, Los Angeles' large community can recall other tragedies, and triumphs of the past year.

The Transfigured Body (2003) (tags)

The premiere performance will be held July 30th 7:00 at: Metropolitan Community Church, Los Angeles 8714 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood CA, 90069. Admission is free. A Requiem In Celebration of Gwen Araujo: The Transfigured Body (2003) is a multi-media performance piece celebrating the life of Gwen Araujo, a slain transgender teenager and other LBT individuals who have fallen victim to crimes of hate.

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