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may day protest

Los Angeles May Day Protest March (tags)

A multi media piece consisting of audio, stills and video images documenting the May Day Protest March held in Los Angeles, regarding the recent Immigration laws passed by the state of Arizona.

May Day Protest in Flagstaff (tags)

Video of immigration protest in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Downtown LA March (tags)

Pictures from this morning's May Day Protest. (photographer Justin Cram)

May Day Protest today in LA (tags)

March and Rally on Thursday, May 1 Stop the Scapegoating! No to U.S. War! Legalization Now! Stop Immigrant Banshing! Meet at Broadway and Olympic at 6:00 pm Rally at Temple & Los Angeles 7:30 pm

May Day Protest at Pasadena City College: Dolores Huerta Supports Campus Labor (tags)

300 students, staff, and faculty march in solidarity with workers around the world on May 2.

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