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Fbi forces most Indymedia to ban me (tags)

Most Indymedia, including Portland & Austin Indymedia ban me on orders from fbi assassins, violating 1st Amendment freedom of speech.

Fbi forces most Indymedia to ban me (tags)

Portland and Austin Indymedia ban me under orders from fbi assassins.

Shame on Portland Indymedia (tags)

Portland Indymedia succumbs to fbi threats and deletes many of my reports.

Fbi sly maneuvers onli8 (tags)

Fbi often blocks my publications.

Portland Indymedia Blocks Me As Ordered By fbi assassins (tags)

See my report below which symbolically indicts all media who prevent the publication of my reports on global high crimes committed by fbi/cia.

Operation FREE SPEECH Deleted from Portland Indymedia (tags)

This is to inform IMC readers that on August 29th the article "Operation Free Speech" was deleted from one of the few operational IMCs, Portland Indymedia.

Dethrone the Dollar (tags)

Political countervailing power of the G-millions against the economism of the neoliberals can only be formed with a long breath.. The grass grows from below; words fall empty from the top.

portland indymedia dowN? (tags)

portland indymedia down?

Something amiss with Portland Indymedia (tags)

Certain types of messages are being blocked on the Portland Indymedia site. It appears that the word Vatican might be the key.

Portland Indymedia Reports on FBI Frame Up (tags)

Portland Indymedia Center is reporting on the apparent frameup of an activist. Tre Arrow was becoming increasingly more effective until the FBI stopped him with indictments that many local activists believe are a set up.

Walk for Farmworker Justice: round-up of portland indymedia coverage (tags)

Collected portland indymedia coverage of the 2002 Walk for Farmworker Justice in Woodburn, Oregon, on July 13.

9.11 investigation: portland indymedia interviews Mike Ruppert (tags)

portland indymedia interviews with independent journalist and 9.11 researcher, Mike Ruppert, 13-14 April 2002

Portland INdymedia down (tags)

Portland Indymedia seems to be down

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