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LAPD High Crimes (tags)


"Worthy and Unworthy Victims" (tags)

Bush administration police state tactics targeting innocent victims

Government authorized ways to celebrate your freedoms, this 4th of July (tags)


According to ABC news dot com, wireless laptop computers are going to be used to detonate claymore mines in Iraq. Does that come with Windows XP? Ugly commentary included.

Gen. Wesley Clark, War Criminal for President? (tags)

Gen. Wesley Clark is no anti-war candidate, despite what Michael Moore and other misinformed individuals would like to believe.

The Rot at the Center of the Empire (tags)

Of course, given the administration’s almost desperate attempt to find a “smoking gun” that will convince people to support the killing of tens of thousands more innocent Iraqi people in order to effect a “regime change” in Iraq, one possibility is that U.S. officials simply didn’t look too hard or too closely at the fake evidence before citing it as another excuse to invade Iraq.

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