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collective security treaty organization

America Created and Supports the Islamic State (tags)


The Russians Are Coming, Again (tags)


Attempted US Color Revolution in Armenia? (tags)


Phony Kiev Day of Silence (tags)


Propaganda War on Russia Rages (tags)


Ukraine: Potential Flashpoint for Global War (tags)


Syria's Troubled Waters (tags)


Hillary Clinton Should Share the Blame for Killings of Armenian Soldiers (tags)

Absence of U.S. Warnings Emboldens Assassins Before State Visits.

Reinventing the Evil Empire (tags)

The risk of serious confrontation looms.

The "Great Game" Enters the Mediterranean: Gas, Oil, War, and Geo-Politics (tags)

This is a must read article: "History is in the making. The Second Summit of Caspian Sea States in Tehran will change the global geo-political environment. This article also gives a strong contextual background to what will be in the backdrop at Tehran. The strategic course of Eurasia and global energy reserves hangs in the balance," says M.D. Nazemroaya

US/EU coup in Kyrgyzstan (tags)

Continuing the process of "regime change" against countries with governments not fully subservient to the US/EU, a coup was launched yesterday in the former Soviet Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. It is believed that the president was about to evict the US "anti-terror" military base there.

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