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Update on Crystal Lake, Angeles National Forest (tags)

Environmental Education Center nature trail foot bridge restoration was completed successfully. Photographs and a video are available at the link provided.

5 Gal. Plastic Buckets - Bring to Demos (tags)

5 Gal plastic buckets (like the sort found out behind kitchens, diners, etc) are great tools (after you clean 'em). Use 'em for drums, seats, carry-totes for food and gear...... If you choose one with a handle (and NO spout) you can drop it over a tear gas canister - it traps the gas...which turns to some sort of wierd funky dust (don't touch the dust). After the dust cools, you have yr drum againn..... but wash it out when you can.......

Down the Drain - Congress Wallows in Buckets of Blood (tags)

DOWN THE DRAIN: Congress Wallows in Buckets of Blood - God's Name Evoked Yet Again

Report from Imokalee (tags)

1-24-02 -- A report back from one of the Taco Bell Boycott Committee activists. The activists went to pick tomatoes.

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