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amendments act

Second Anniversary of Edward Snowden's NSA Spying Revelations (tags)

police state

Mass Surveillance Called Illegal (tags)


America Greatest Threat to World Peace (tags)


ACLU v. Clapper Ruling (tags)


ACLU v. Clapper (tags)


Obama Appoints Spy Chief to Head NSA Investigation (tags)


Obama Spurns NSA Spying Reform (tags)

police state

NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think (tags)

police state

Hands Off Snowden Campaign (tags)

Hands Off Snowden Campaign

Big Brother Writ Large in America (tags)

police state

Challenging Unconstitutional Spying (tags)

police state

Freedom in America: Rest in Peace (tags)

police state

Supreme Court Authorizes Lawless Wiretapping (tags)


Congress Extends Warrantless Spying (tags)

police state

ACLU Challenges Warrantless Wiretapping (tags)


Intensified Warrantless Spying in America (tags)

police state

Project Censored's Media Democracy Advocacy (tags)

Project Censored's holding the dominant media accountable.

Peace Mom v. Guardian of Power (tags)

Challenging entrenched power in Congress.

Sami Al-Arian: From Exoneration to Criminal Indictment (tags)

His long ordeal continues

The Odds of Change: A Statistical Look at Our Democrat’s Voting Records (tags)

We want change. Obama says he will deliver change, as did the Democrats in '06. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Even the statistics prove the Democrats have failed us.

U.S. Senate Spy Bill—Locked and Loaded to Shoot Down 1st and 4th Amendments (tags)

More frequently U.S. Senators can been seen on Television reading sections of HR 6304 which they claim will protect lawful persons in the U.S. from being targeted by government wiretaps. Not mentioned by the Senators, is that THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 has a low level of “probable cause” that will permit Government to wiretap U.S. phone calls, faxes and emails.

Democrat’s New Spy Bill – Lulling Americans Into False Sense of Security (tags)

The war on terror and the war on freedom are nonpartisan issues. Both Democrats and Republicans alike have consistently voted for legislation that, through the illusion of protecting our families and our homeland, have actually removed critical components of the U.S. Constitution. Will the Democrat’s new FISA Spy Bill be any different?

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