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group therapy for victims and witnesses of macarthur park police violence (tags)

the lawyers guild has set up services for tues evening 6:30 pm may 29th at 634 spring st. second session saturday june 2 at noon.bilingual services. anyone who witnessed police brutality at macarthur park, or was present and feels the need to discuss fear, nightmares, trauma, physical injuries, etc. please come! i know there were a lot of children there who were very scared and had difficulty reconciling the perpetration of acts of violence and agression with an authority figure they are supposed to respect. please any and all come!

Sherman Austin from Raise The Fist performing solo HIP HOP @ Zen Sushi . TUES , APRIL 25 (tags)

Sherman Austin performing his solo HIP HOP at Zen Sushi Club TUES April 25 @ 8:30pm. UPSTAIRS. COME BEFORE 9PM AND GET IN FREE.

STOP THE FALLUJAH ATTACK! - Westwood Federal Building Tues, Nov 9, 6 pm (tags)

We urge everyone to join us at the demonstration against the Fallujah attack. Bring signs, banners, placards and friends.


ANSWER LA Office has moved! Help us mobilize for June 5 day of action against occupation!

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