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Paris-Colmar ou la symphonie des pas (tags)

De Paris-Strasbourg ( 1926-1937 ) à Strasbourg-Paris puis Paris-Colmar ( 1981 ) en marche athlétique de grand fond...

Paris-Colmar, la symphonie des pas (tags)

Poésie paraphysique...

Russians Traveling Abroad Risk Lawless US Abduction (tags)

police states

Challenging US Lawlessness (tags)

police state

Paris-Colmar, la symphonie des pas (tags)

La plupart des sports de compétition, sont aux mains de quelques commerçants...

Viktor Bout: Victimized by US Injustice (tags)


Wanted Criminal Flew U.S. Supply Missions in Iraq (tags)

Bout didn't just walk away with millions of taxpayer dollars, the authors found. The military issued Bout's pilots supply cards allowing them to gas up their planes for free when landing in Iraq. A Defense Department spokesman confirmed to the authors that Bout's fleet made off with nearly 500,000 gallons of fuel from the Baghdad airport courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

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