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USA violates int'l law in Iraqi 'election' (tags)

Under international law, the Occupation power does not have the right to alter political, economic or social structures of the victimized nation. Yet, the U.S. occupation authority has spent millions organizing 'election' polling booths in 14 foreign nations outside of Iraq.

Universities and Countries Begging Companies (tags)

Science was noticeably absent at BIO2001: Most of the booths were of Western cities, states, countries et al. and universities competing with each other to give biotech corporations the sweetest offer in the form of tax breaks and office parks etc. Here we see one of Germany’s booths: It compares the contributions of Martin Luther and Back to those of biotech companies. Come on! The actual biotech company booths appeared to be not staffed by scientists seriously discussing the pros and cons of their work, but by capitalists out to make as much money as possible.

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