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Immigrant Workers Union statement against new immigration proposal (tags)

Immigrant Workers Union denounces the new senate immigration bill for militarizing borders, breaking up families, and criminalizing workers.

Assi Workers Seek Settlement (tags)

Two years into the boycott suspended employees of Assi Market in Korea town have offered to settle out of court rather than continue with a million plus dollar law suit. Vi a spokesperson for Korean Immigrant Workers Advocate and the Immigrant Workers Union stated, “It Makes sense to settle, because if we don’t settle now we’re just going to get tied up in the courts. So it makes sense on both sides to settle, but sometimes Assi does things that don’t make sense ”.

Holloween Action: Boycott Assi (tags)

Holloweend Action. 6pm-8pm @ Assi Market, (8th & Oxford). Support Immigrant Worker Rights.

From Lockout to Boycott!! Boycott ASSI!! (tags)

The locked out ASSI workers, and many organizations including the Immigrant Workers Union, KIWA, and Sweatshop Watch are calling for everyone to boycott ASSI Market and to join the workers picketing at the Market.

Korean and Latino workers in struggle together! (tags)

A very spirited Multi-Ethnic demonstration in support of workers attempting to Unionize the Assi Supermarket at 8th and Oxford took place May 18th. Participants included the Korean Immigrant Workers Association(KIWA), Immigrant Workers Union, Chirla, MIWA, The Bus Riders Union, the National Lawyers Guild, and others...

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