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Putin's authoritarian regime poses as resistance fighter (tags)

After the collapse of ‘really existing socialism,’ the liberal fairy tale we were told had it that democracy and a market economy would open the way to freedom and prosperity for all members of world society. This illusion has disgraced itself miserably.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict (tags)

"The West must negotiate with Russia" NATO should also agree to talk about a new European security architecture if Russia is also willing to agree to de-escalating and confidence-building measures in the relationship with Ukraine."

Learned Helplessness and Father of the Third Wave (tags)

Researchers have known for half a century the mechanism by which people can be induced to effectively lock themselves in their own mental prison ... and it wasn't long before intelligence agencies began to use this research for their own purposes.

Proposed European Army: Good Idea or Bad? (tags)


US-Led NATO: Humanity's Greatest Threat (tags)


US-Led NATO Risks Global War (tags)


Fake Ukrainian National Unity Talks (tags)


Russia Bashing Redux (tags)


Beating Up on Russia, Syria and Iran (tags)


Putin Wins (tags)


Russian v. US Elections (tags)


Russia Bashing (tags)


Putin in 2012 (tags)


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