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Israelis Want Out (tags)


Nuclear Threat From Mexico (tags)

Of growing concern to some U.S. officials is the way the terrorists south of the border are taking advantage of the lack of sophistication on the Mexicans part for their inability and unwillingness to protect their own borders from terrorist infiltration and are using the low Mexican immigration standards and the U.S. open border to slip into Mexico or the U.S. with a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb.

Rush on Israeli passports (tags)

As spies and traitors about to be exposed

Homeland Security bill delays rule for passports at borders (tags)

The full blown police state will be delayed by 17 months. Until you can visit Mexico and Canada with out a passport. Heil Hitler! Sorry I mean Heil Bush!

partial list of members of bush admin with israeli passports (tags)


The Truth Lies in the Middle ---East (tags)

What is a second class citizen?????

Wireless World: Smart-cards vs. RFID tags (tags)

A story about the government abusing civil rights.

Jonestown the LIE (tags)

The often told story of death by Kool Aid is another sick and evil lie.

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