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The NSA Isn't Foiling Terrorist Plots (tags)

There's still no credible evidence that the NSA's massive digital surveillance has disrupted any terrorist plots.

NSA Chief Lies to Congress (tags)

police state

US Hatched Terror Plots (tags)

state terror

FBI Responsibility for US Terror Plots (tags)

false flags

July 2006 South Central Farmers Stand (tags)

updated June 19, 2006 leaflette in Word .doc with important July 2, 2006 additions

South Central Farm community model for when Peak Oil hits (tags)

In many ways, I think the community at the South Central Farm was a model of what could be, and what might be when peak oil hits and what should be, so that resources are avaiable to all and no one has to starve.

Venezuela Purging Border Drug Plots (tags)

Venezuela Purging Border Drug Plots

Interview & Photos from the South Central Farm (tags)

Since 1992, the 14 acres of property located at 41st and Alameda Streets in Los Angeles have been used as a community garden or farm. The land has been divided into 360 plots and is believed to be one of the largest urban gardens in the country.

South Central Farmers (tags)

There’s a farm in the middle of the city! A real farm; where people grow food to eat and plants to heal. A place where people feel connected to the earth and to their community.

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