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The Expulsion of Arabs from Spain 1492 (tags)

Arabs from 2 or 3 countries had immigrated over water to southern spain and portugal and had established themselves including architectural buildings with tile and ornamental metals.

Child Poverty Massively Increases through EU Austerity Programs (tags)

Caritas warns "lost generations" are growing up in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. The Cairitas study blames the austerity programs for the impoverishment of children. A new prioritization and an even distribution of the burdens of the debt crisis are demanded.

Growth Madness (tags)

The history of the crisis of the western world that we all experience more or less consciously or unconsciously (or partly ignore) is a history of boundless lobbylism, political corruption, market fetishism and unbroken faith in growth..Economic theories were and are children of their time.

Independent media in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Paris are not working why? (tags)

Exigen en Portugal libertad de los Cinco (tags)

LISBOA, 2 de octubre.— La libertad de cinco cubanos presos en Estados Unidos por luchar contra el terrorismo, fue exigida en Portugal en dos actos realizados en Coimbra y Setúbal.

Drug Possession No Longer Crime in Portugal (tags)

Portugal decriminalizes possession of personal amounts of drugs.... reported anywhere in the U.S.?? Not if the ruling Taliban holds its power... rock the corporations!~!

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