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Sexual Exploitation by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti (tags)


Kiev Wants Foreign Troops Aiding Its War on Donbass (tags)


Poroshenko Wants NATO Troops in Donbass (tags)


Syrian Death Squad Invaders Seize UN Peacekeepers (tags)


Planned Peacekeeper Occupation of Libya (tags)


UN Peacekeepers Complicit in Sex Trade (tags)

peacekeepers are predatory

Tensions in Mindanao seen to rise as peacekeepers pull out (tags)

Malaysian peacekeepers began a phased withdrawal from the Philippines' troubled south on Saturday, raising worries that decades of Muslim rebellion in the mainly Catholic nation may resume. Twenty-eight of 41 Malaysian soldiers and police officers were picked up by two army transport planes at three points on the southern island of Mindanao and flown to a base in the Malaysian province of Sabah. The remnants of the 60-member International Monitoring Team (IMT), including 10 soldiers from Brunei, eight from Libya and a Japanese development worker, were expected to pack their bags and go home by the end of August.

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