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A Partial List Black Ops, Assassinations, Destabilizations, Wars by the CIA (tags)

The current refugee crisis in the US was begun by Allen Dulles of the CIA who in 1954 overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala because of its attempt to initiate land reform. That action morphed into a 30 year civil war. It is only 1 of a trail of bloody assassinations and black ops of the agency.

Russia and Syria on the Offensive Against ISIS (tags)


Obama Irresponsibly Bashes Putin (tags)


Washington's Phony War on ISIS (tags)


US Wars Kill Mostly Civilians (tags)


Enemies of Syria Plan Escalated Aggression (tags)


Anti-Assad Forces: Caught in the Act Again (tags)


Foreign Terrorists Wage War on Syria (tags)


New York Times Promotes War on Syria (tags)


US Proxy Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria (tags)


Scoundrel Media Afghan Massacre Cover-Up (tags)


US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians (tags)


From Goldstone to Uribe (tags)

The fix is in.

US-Committed Atrocities in Afghanistan (tags)

Afghan atrocities greater than ever

Reviewing Marjorie Cohn and Kathleen Gilberd's "Rules of Disengagement" (tags)

Right of GIs to refuse to fight in illegal wars

Afghanistan's Operation Phoenix (tags)

America's dirty war

Iraq's Laboratory of Repression (tags)

The Bush administration is turning Iraq into a test tube for modern techniques of repression, from sophisticated biometrics that track populations to devastating weapons systems that combine night-vision optics from drone aircraft, heat resonance imaging and deadly firepower from the sky to kill suspected insurgents. The harsh repression surrounding the “surge” has drawn far less U.S. press attention. The grim reality, however, is that an increasingly desperate American military has stepped up its indiscriminate killing and jailing of Iraqis, especially “military-age males” or MAMS.


Sa kabila ng pakunwaring mga pahayag ni Gloria Arroyo, walang tigil at di-maawat ang mga pamamaslang, pagdukot, tortyur, iligal na pag-aresto at detensyon at iba pang karumal-dumal na paglabag ng mga armadong galamay ng estado sa karapatang-tao ng mamamayan. Mahigpit na kinokondena at iginigiit ng Pesante-USA na dapat nang matigil ang amahas na pamamasista at terorismo ng estado. Lalo lamang pinagagalit ni GMA ang masa at hinuhukay ang sarili nitong libingan tulad ng nangyari kina Marcos at Estrada. Umabot na sa mahigit 755 ang pinaslang at may 188 ang nawawalang aktibista na hindi matagpuan. Papalubha ang mga paglabag sa karapatang pantao na malapit nang maungusan ni Gloria-Arroyo.ang pagiging garapal na pasista ni Marcos ayon sa Pesante-USA Patuloy Ang Atake ng Rehimeng US-Arroyo at AFP sa Masa: Tumitindi, Paglabag sa Karapatang-Tao

Reactionary terror continues in Lebanon (tags)

Bombings and assassinations continue in Lebanon. The latest victim of this wave of terror was the 67-year old George Hawi, who was killed when a bomb detonated in his car; the former leader of the Lebanese Communist Party lost his life on June 21st, only a day after the so-called “anti-Syrian bloc” claimed victory in the parliamentary elections.

The "El Salvador Option" (tags)

The US administration recognizes that its troops face a resistance firmly anchored in the population. As a result, it relies on a hidden dirty war..The model for contemporary Iraq is not Vietnam but El Salvador where 70,000 were killed in the 12-year war.

Ward Churchill responds to attacks... (tags)

Press Release - by Ward Churchill January 31, 2005

From "Plain Sailing" to "Where the Hell Are We?" to "Up the Creek (tags)

Barely into its second week Operation Easy Sailing is in big trouble. One simple way of measuring just how big is by adding up all the time you hear the phrases “all according to Plan”, and the “Our strategy is sound”.

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