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New York Times Pro-Israeli Bias (tags)


Obama Plans War on Syria (tags)


New York Times Wages War on Palestine (tags)


America's Media War on OWS (tags)


New York Times Support for Imperial Wars (tags)

corrupt media

Proof that Jews have always controlled at least 85% of the U.S. media. (tags)

Listed below are the Big 8 Monolithic U.S. Media Conglomerates that control the minds of Americans. This article explains how the U.S. media have propagandized and conned their American subjects into supporting war on any and all Arab countries for the express benefit of Israel and the oil companies.

How has the American media conned its subjects into supporting war on Iraq? (tags)

How the U.S. media has systematically propagandized its American subjects to be pro-Israel and anti-Arab, and have programmed the American mind into accepting 300,000 American troops being sent to fight and die for the fascist government of Israel and greed-obsessed oil company executives. This story will list the seven biggest monolithic media conglomerates that dominate American political news & commentary. Copyright Richard Lee (2003)

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