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nile valley

Netanyahu Bluster: Serial Lying Conceals Ugly Truths (tags)


Freedom Flotilla III Heads for Gaza (tags)


Remember Gaza: One of History's Great Crimes (tags)


Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide (tags)


Muslim Brotherhood & the Middle East Upheaval (tags)

As the United States and its allies struggle to get to grips with its new challenges in the Middle East and North Africa, pundits, scholars and journalists have combed every inch of the Muslim Brotherhood’s history for clues to what might happen in the event the movement takes control over the region.

Area from Egypt to Iraq (tags)

The metamorphosis of tiny Israel from a midget to a giant is in the making. The grand design of Judaic-Zionist expansionist doctrine is to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile.

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