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Escalated War on Islam (tags)


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The Russians Are Coming (tags)


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Good Guys We're Not (tags)


Infomercials for Despots (tags)


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BBC Wages Propaganda War on Syria (tags)


Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy (tags)


BBC: Imperial Tool (tags)

People confuse what BBC reports with news.

Reviewing David Edwards and David Cromwell's Guardians of Power (tags)

A powerful critique of the dominant media


The media beat the drums for th Balkans war, esp with the word :'Genocide' However,'lately this word is disappearing from their writings on the NATO war. The real target of Western 'intelligence' was not Iraq, but the British and American public - the goal was to frighten and deceive us to support a war fought for elite interests. It was to persuade us to send our troops to kill and die for profits. It was to persuade us to ignore clear warnings that, in all likelihood, we would be subject to terrorist reprisals. Such risks were clearly deemed a small price to pay for the prize that mattered - control of Iraqi oil and enhanced influence in the region and beyond.

Iraqi child deaths : Media indifferent as unicef reports worsening catastrophe (tags)

On February 16, 2003, Tony Blair responded to the biggest protest march in Britain's history the previous day: "Yes, there are consequences of war. If we remove Saddam by force, people will die, and some will be innocent. ... But there are also consequences of 'stop the war'. There will be no march for the victims of Saddam, no protests about the thousands of children that die needlessly every year under his rule..." (Blair, 'The price of my conviction,' The Observer, February 16, 2003)

Justifying Occupation (tags)

I thought this looked like an interesting reference for those wishing to develop arguments counter to the Spin and PsyOps coming from the Mainstream NewsWhores.

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