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separation barrier

Tel Aviv sur Seine/Promotion of bloody Israeli occupation of Palestine (tags)

Recently, due to a joint cooperation of the Tel Aviv and Paris municipal government, a section of river bank in Paris was turned into “Tel Aviv sur Seine” , complete with falafel stands and “Israeli nightlife. Of course in order to promote Israel. No promotion of a 48 years occupation power with as ´´falafel´´ the Gaza Blockade and as ´´nightlife´´bombings of Gaza and shooting of Palestinian children. On the Gaza beach.

Israeli Crimes Go Unpunished (tags)


West Bank Village Struggles to Survive (tags)


Jerusalem Day (tags)


Israeli Home Demolition Terrorism (tags)

state terror

Obama's War Cabinet (tags)

plan for continued wars

Another Israeli West Bank Land Grab Scheme (tags)

Israeli land theft.

Madonna, Mr. Big and Richard Gere (tags)

The Israeli Tourism Authority has taken to inviting Hollywood stars to Israel to boost tourism.

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