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High-Seas Piracy: Israel's Latest Bandit Act (tags)


Israel Criminalizes Delivering Humanitarian Aid (tags)


Freedom Flotilla III Heads for Gaza (tags)


ICC Whitewashes Israeli Mass Murder (tags)


Israeli Supremes Endorse War Crimes (tags)


What Follows Turkish/Israeli Reconciliation (tags)


Persecuting Hanin Zoabi (tags)


Rare Israeli Justice (tags)


Netanyahu's Rage to Judaize Palestine (tags)


Turkey Tries IDF Commanders in Absentia (tags)


Sham Israeli Elections (tags)


Profile of Institutionalized Racism (tags)


New York Times Wages War on Palestine (tags)


Israel Lawlessly Indicts MK Sa'id Naffa (tags)


Israel Claims Syria/Hamas-Connected Terror Cells Uncovered (tags)


Washington and Israel: Rogue State Partners (tags)


UN Report on Mavi Marmara Massacre (tags)

high seas massacre

Israeli/Washington Peace Process Rejectionism (tags)


Israel Terrorizing Palestinians Lawlessly (tags)

state terror

Freedom Flotilla II: Final Thoughts (tags)

Israeli terror

BTL:Greek Government Acts as Israeli Proxy in Blocking International Flotilla from Sailing (tags)

Interview with Robert Naiman, policy director of Just Foreign Policy, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

Freedom Flotilla II: Blocked but not Defeated (tags)

Israeli terror

Let us sail to Gaza (tags)


Colonizing Libya by Military, Financial, Political and Propaganda Terrorism (tags)


Israeli Freedom Flotilla II Terrorism (tags)

state terror

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda (tags)

state terror

Breaching Gaza's Siege Update (tags)

Israeli state terror

Israel Toughening Conditions for Palestinian Detainees (tags)


Breaching Gaza's Siege (tags)


Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (tags)

state terrorism

Netanyahu's War on Gaza (tags)

state terrorism

Killing Rachel Corrie Twice (tags)

Gaza siege

Remembering Vittorio Arrigoni (tags)


Revisiting Israel's Terror War on Gaza (tags)

terror war

Netanyahu's Government: Israel's Worst Ever (tags)

Israeli repression

Flotilla Support for Gaza (tags)

coming until siege ends

From Goldstone to Uribe (tags)

The fix is in.

The Charade Begins: Netanyahu's Flotilla Massacre Probe Testimony (tags)

whitewash and cover-up assured

Investigating the Freedom Flotilla Attack (tags)

honest investigation will report the truth

Stop the Wall: People v. Oppression (tags)

Part II of earlier article.

The Zionist Attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla (tags)

South African activists describe this flagrant assault as Israel’s Sharpeville, referring to the 1960 massacre in South Africa that marked a turning point in international support of anti-apartheid resistance. There certainly appears to be a great deal of active support for the BDS campaign. Let’s hope it culminates in the eventual realization of a one-state democracy inclusive of all residents, Arab and Jewish, living in peaceful coexistence under a secular, democratic government. Free Palestine now!

Occupied Palestine: Good News and Bad (tags)

Far more of the latter than former

Easing Gaza's Siege: Bogus and Unacceptable (tags)

Israel's easing bogus

End the Gaza Siege (tags)

illegal by any international standard

Democratic Party Defends Israeli Attack on Freedom Flotilla (tags)

Are you still registered Democrat instead of the pro-Palestinian Peace & Freedom Party or Green Party? The Democratic Party has come out in full force in support of the massacre of 15 members of the Freedom Flotilla, with 9 officially dead and 6 missing, reported thrown overboard by Israel's military, at US taxpayer expense. Here are the statements of the latest Democrats, defending Israel, after Democratic Vice President Joe Biden did the same, and the Republicans also do the same as both are 100% pro-Israel at all levels of office. And Critical Resistance's smuggled video is also here, showing the peaceful nature of the flotilla members.

They're Coming: Freedom Flotilla Two and Others Planned (tags)

They're coming until the Gaza siege ends

Was the Obama Administration involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack (tags)

"The Israeli Navy Commando had prior knowledge of who was on the Turkish ship including where passengers were residing in terms of cabin layout. According to Swedish author Henning Mankell, who was on board the Marmara , "the Israeli forces attacked sleeping civilians."

The Flotilla Aftermath: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications (tags)

Commandos had names and photos of activists to be assassinated

Solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza (tags)

STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY from the STOP the War Coalition Philippines

video Freedom Flotilla: dead and injuries everywere (tags)

video Freedom Flotilla: dead and injuries everywere

Democratic Party Endorses Israeli Massacre on Gaza Aid Ship (tags)

Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, a heart beat away from Democratic Party Pres Obama, announced he supported the illegal and deadly Israeli attack on the Gaza humanitarian ships. Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party support the Gaza humanitarian ships. If you are still registered Democrat, change your registration now.

Solidarity Online Petition with Gaza Flotilla victims and Palestine (tags)

The Bertrand Russell Tribunal Committee has an online petition to the people of the world condemning Israel's massacre of the Freedom Flotilla and the occupation of Palestine.

Complete Interview Transcript with Richard Falk from May 31st 2010 (tags)

DB "The Israelis say that these commandos who they say were armed with hand guns and paint guns were only defending themselves from armed and dangerous attacks by people on the boat. Your response to that? RF: There are two lines of response, and this is an area where the facts are contested and difficult to disentangle at this stage. The witnesses on the boats themselves, particularly the Turkish boats where most of the violence took place, claim that the commandos landed shooting, and that it was only after the initiation of that violence that there was some attempt at defense on the basis of very contrived and primitive weapons, as opposed to the kind of weaponry that the Israeli commandos were carrying. Beyond that, it’s fairly clear if unlawful attack of a vessel on the high seas is occurring, the passengers on that ship have some sort of right to self defense. So that’s one aspect of it. The second aspect is that even if there was some kind of defensive violence on the ship, that’s no excuse for an unprovoked attack carried out in this manner. If Israel didn’t want the ships to go to Gaza, they could have diverted them, and if they did what the other boats did in the Freedom Flotilla, except for the larger Turkish one, it seems pretty clear that this was a deliberate attack designed, I suppose, to punish the effort to carry out this humanitarian mission, which would obviously have disclosed the brutality of the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has gone on now for almost three years. The Israeli arguments are not really seriously plausible. Given the overall circumstances it’s very difficult to give them any kind of serious credibility, and this seems to me to be as clear a violation of international humanitarian law, international law of the seas, and international criminal law, as we’re likely to see in the early part of the twenty-first century." RF

AF3IRM Calls for Justice for Killed/Wounded Freedom Flotilla Activists, People of Gaza (tags)

AF3IRM, formerly known as GABNet, condemns the Israeli military attack on the Freedom Flotilla on May 30, 2010.

Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea (tags)

Murder at sea

Israel's Specialty: Targeting Civilians (tags)

how rogue states operate

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