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under siege

Terrorizing Palestinians Daily (tags)


Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (tags)

state terrorism

Israeli Hypocrisy: Talking Peace While Preparing for War and Institutionalizing Dire Condi (tags)

Israel always chooses violence over peace

Gaza Under Siege (tags)

Continuation of one of the world's greatest crimes.

BBC's Pro-Israeli Bias (tags)

media propaganda

Teri Hatcher joins Penny Marshall directed version of The Vagina Monologues (tags)

Teri Hatcher joins Penny Marshall directed version of The Vagina Monologues

FBI Victim's home hosts Sustainability Seminar (tags)

Environmental Co-op home in Pomona hosts speakers, workshops, and tours including speech from Josh Connole, man wrongfully arrested by the FBI for vandalism in September, on Patriot Act and Civil Liberties

Pomona acitivist coop under SIEGE RIGHT NOW (tags)

Activist coop under siege by FEDS as this article is written. (This was phoned into San Diego IMC this morning. An SDIMC member is posting it here.)

Committee to Protect Journalists is a Fraud (tags)

I hope everyone reads this...

Under Siege in America (tags)

In the wake of September 11, a wave of raids, detentions, disappearances, interrogation and marginalization has been unleashed against large sections of Middle Eastern immigrants in the United States. Many people have left for work in the morning and never come home--picked up and detained in secret with no criminal charges.

San Diego IMC Extravaganza, Poetry, --CLICK HERE! (tags)

IMC EXTRAVAGANZA! VIDEO, MUSIC, DANCE, POETRY, FOOD Featuring the following films: Free America-Trade Bush!: the FTAA protests at the SD/TJ border Storm from the Mountain: the Zapatour to Mexico City Bodies and Boundaries: families divided by the border Praha 2000: The World Bank and IMF Under Siege

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