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Leaked Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Draft Text (tags)


Sabotaging Rapprochement with Iran (tags)


Illegitimate Sanctions on Iran (tags)


Guantanamo Show Trial Begins (tags)


Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (tags)

state terrorism

SOS not Welcome with Minutemen Part 2 (tags)

SOS and their members are apparently not welcome with Friends of the Border Patrol, a CA based Minuteman group. The following is a FAQ from the Friends of the Border Patrol website. Note question #8.

DoD Directive 1334.1, "Wearing of the Uniform", 05/17/2004 (tags)

I was not aware that the US Navy authorized wearing of uniform to a public demonstration.

Latvia: the new apartheid (tags)

Latvia: the new apartheid

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