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Earthquake Strikes Chino Hillse (tags)

repost from LAFD

Shaking Uncontrollably: Does Guzzling Gas Make You Piss Fire? (tags)

Bad ideas are like starfish: You can cut them up, but unless you squash them into jelly and incinerate the remains, they will multiply. I’m not really saying that we should go around murdering idiots . . . but this week’s “news” certainly made me want to beat a few people mercilessly.

Who Did It? (tags)

The Citizens Executive Administration (CEA-USA) is recruiting a new Secretary of Defense. Are you qualified?

The Coming Great Shaking of the Earth (tags)

The events beginning to take place upon the earth were predicted by time travelers who wrote what they saw over 2500 years ago and they revealed how the people of this generation can survive THE GREAT SHAKING OF PLANET EARTH.

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